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Join Our Ambassador Program and Share Your Love for Music!


Do you love the vibrant performances at our Community Concerts? Are you eager to share this passion with others? If so, we invite you to become an Ambassador for Community Concerts Laguna Woods Village!


This is a fantastic opportunity for members like you to help expand our community by spreading the word about our world-class concerts. Enjoy the privilege of showcasing these musical gems, held conveniently every Sunday afternoon at the Performing Arts Center.

Becoming an Ambassador is more than just a role—it's your chance to be part of something bigger and ensure everyone in the Village knows about our concerts' incredible value and enjoyment.

Are you interested in making a difference or want to learn more? Please get in touch with our Co-Chairs today for further details on how you can join this exciting initiative!

Testimonials needed!

The Ambassadors are working with the Video Club to create a promotional video about Community Concerts as part of our efforts to increase awareness of our programs.  Testimonials are always a big selling point, so we are looking for yours!  For example, Victor Ettinger recently said, "The Community Concert is the highlight of my month!"


Please send a testimonial you are willing to share

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