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Want to be an Ambassador for Community Concerts?


Are you an avid fan of our concerts?  Do you think other people should know about us?  If you are, we have a new opportunity that might be of interest to you.  We're looking for members to serve as ambassadors for our organization, to spread awareness of our concerts performed by world-class musicians, and to let Villagers know about this amazing bargain.  And the convenience of it being right here at the Performing Arts Center on Sunday afternoons!

If this appeals to you, or you would like to know more about it, please get in touch with one of the Co-Chairs:

Carol Bowler at or Lynne Rosenstein at


Testimonials needed!

The Ambassadors are working with the Video Club to create a promotional video about Community Concerts as part of our efforts to increase awareness of our programs.  Testimonials are always a big selling point, so we are looking for yours!  For example, Victor Ettinger recently said, "The Community Concert is the highlight of my month!"  If you have a testimonial you would be willing to share; please send it to Carol Bowler at or Lynne Rosenstein at!

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