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A Tribute to Joan Nugent

When Joan and Burns Nugent moved to Laguna Woods in 1972, Joan already had a long history with Community Concerts.  As far back as 1958 she had run the membership campaign in Ft Dodge, Iowa.  For three seasons in the 70s, she served as a Representative for the national organization of Community Concerts Associations.  In this professional capacity, she traveled to her assigned cities to work with local CCAs to plan their membership campaign, provide first-hand information on available artists, and then schedule and contract these artists.

As the family business, Nugent Broadcasting Company took them around the country, Joan worked with numerous CCAs.  Fate and irony conspired to bring the Nugents to LWV during the peak of Community Concerts’ popularity, and there were no tickets available for the newcomers!  Joan solved the problem by agreeing to run the membership campaign which moved them to the top of the waiting list.  Subsequently, Joan and Burns served as Co-Presidents for seven years.  Several years ago, when our organization almost folded, Joan stepped forward to once again take the reins and save the day.  Until her recent resignation, she served as Advisor to the Board of Directors, sharing her extensive experience with a most grateful group of friends.

To Joan – for your years of service to the CCLWV, your willingness to step up when needed, your wealth of knowledge and experience, and your passion for our cause of bringing top-notch music and performers to our Village – we salute you, and we thank you!  

Carol Coppage and Myron Singer


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