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A Tribute to Myron and Mimi Singer

When Community Concerts of Laguna Woods Village almost folded back in 2009, Myron and Mimi Singer were among those who stepped up to help.  Together they served as Membership Chairs for the next four seasons!  In 2012, I approached Myron with the idea of his being President-elect for the next season during which time he would plan the program for the following season which he would then produce when he assumed the role of President.  Myron countered with an offer:  he and Mimi would stay on as Membership Chairs for one more year and he would help me with the Presidency – IF I would stay on as President.  So I naively said yes thinking I could continue to work on my “transition” idea.  A big plus to this arrangement was having Mimi serve as an unofficial – and invaluable – third part of our triumvirate.

Myron excelled in the role of Co-President, becoming a master negotiator with potential performers over fees and contract details.  His deep knowledge of classical music was invaluable in seeking out the highest quality musicians we wanted to bring to Laguna Woods.  Over the years Myron has developed close relationships with important agents.  His thoughtful, witty introductions of our performers will be difficult to replicate!

Myron’s love of music has a long history.  As an accomplished pianist, he once aspired to a professional career specifically as a jazz pianist, but abandoned the idea when he realized he could not memorize or improvise! 

This past May, Myron retired as Co-President after nine years of exceptional service to our organization.  So much for my “transition” idea!  Fortunately for us, both Myron and Mimi have agreed to remain on the Board and continue to offer their sage advice based on their years of experience.

A Musical Note of Thanks to the Singers

CCLWV or for short let’s say CC                                                                                            

The place musicians want to be                                                                                       

If to fame they keep aspiring                                                                                                

They know the guy to see is MYRON

CCLWV or for short CC                                                                                                         

They all want that on their CV                                                                                                 

In the musical pie they keep their fingers                                                                            

And contract with us….via the SINGERS

Duos, quartets & Trio con Brio                                                                                   

Quintets, pianos, and say hello to the cello  Violins, oboes and even bell ringers 

We get ‘em all…..much thanks to the SINGERS

On behalf of the Board from Dennis Glauber

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